Brief History Background

The main mission of academic institution is not only involved with the student education but is to provide and serve the community knowledge. Burapha University is also concerned on this, so the variety training projects were arranged to the community since it was the Bangsaen Educational College. When the college was upgraded to Srinakharinwirot University, the training mission projects were more concerned, so the division of academic service was established and continuously provided the community academic service.
In 1990, theUniversity was re-named to “Burapha University” and had the policy to properly improve the community training. The Academic Service Center was then officially established to widely arrange the community training courses in 1992. This was also correspondent to the government policy in Economy and Social plan.
The Academic Service Centre was approved to be one of University organizations since 1990 and divided to be 4 departments including Secretary Office, Training & Consultation , Social & Envelopmental Development and Academic Support & Promotion. With the main mission, the Academic Service Center is to support University in the part of community academic services which is correspondent to University strategy and policy.